Friday, June 18, 2010

PLP at Mixed Media, Hamilton

I apologize for this rather late update on last weeks PLP reception at Mixed Media in Hamilton. The opening was loads of fun...the James Street Art Crawl was incredible, with hoards of art-hungry observers packing the streets and galleries until nearly midnight. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see The Portable Library Project, and for all the kind feedback. Thanks also to Dave Kuruc of Mixed Media for hosting the project in his incredible store and for all his help along the way, as well as PLP artists Stephanie Vegh, Sheila Jonah and Fiona Bailey for coming out to see the show! And...thanks again to Fiona and her partner Patrick for the ride back to T.O!

The Portable Library Project is on view at Mixed Media until July 3rd.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

PLP at Mixed Media, Hamilton

The next showing of The Portable Library Project opens in a week at Mixed Media in Hamilton. The opening will coincide with Hamilton's monthy James Street Art Crawl. See above (and below!) for all the details. Hope to see you there!

The Portable Library Project is a multi-dimensional mail-art/bookmaking project involving the creation of small works exploring ideas surrounding archiving, ephemera, journalling, libraries and incorporating an art practice into everyday life. The 18 participating artists span several artistic disciplines, from performance art to fibre-based art; from photo-based art to craft to sculpture and installation. Artists involved in the project are based across Canada, and are from as far away as Seoul, Korea.
Invited artists were sent/delivered an empty cigar box, roughly the size of a hardcover book. Over the course of one week, participants were expected to create a 'book' a day, reflective of each person's day-to-day activities and artistic process. Books were ideally made while on the go; boxes were intended to be carried with the participant, where books were to be added and collected each day for seven days.
Participating artists:
Aimee Lee (Seoul, Korea)
Amber Landgraff (Toronto)
Cara Spooner (Toronto)
Daphne Gerou (Toronto)
Debbie Danelley (Winnipeg, MB)
Deborah Margo (Ottawa, ON)
Fiona Bailey (Toronto)
Jen Pilles (Oakville, ON)
Laura Calvi (Halifax, NS)
Laurie Kang (Toronto)
Margaret Flood (Guelph, ON)
Margaret Legue (Forest, ON)
Morag Schonken (Halifax, NS)
Sheila Jonah
Simon Rabyniuk (Toronto)
Stephanie Cormier (Toronto)
Stephanie Vegh (Hamilton, ON)
Sylvia Ziemann (Regina, SK)
The Portable Library Project is organized and curated by Tara Bursey.
Poster design:  Tara Bursey